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…..this could be my “3 minute 40 second answer”. I wonder how long the Target employees would let me sing before the security guard hauled me away! 🙂

This is Tiber Jumper of the Crossed the Tiber blog performing, by the way. You can hear about his journey to the Catholic Church on December 10th when he and his wife will be interviewed on EWTN’s The Journey Home program.


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I still haven’t mastered exactly how to move through that awkward moment. Not the one that happens when I run into an acquaintance in the Target checkout line and she asks me if we’re still out at that “pretty little Anglican church”. Nor the one that follows when I see her face blanch (or cloud with suspicion) when I tell her we’re now at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. It’s the one after that. The one when she asks me why.



At this point, my own face blanches as I wonder what response could possibly suffice for the Target checkout line? (And just in case you haven’t guessed, these moments aren’t limited to Target! 😉 ) How in the world can I share with this woman all the joy and excitement that’s in my heart about why I chose to become Catholic in the 2 minutes between when she slides her credit card into the card reader and when she wheels her cart away?!

I could introduce her to the Early Church Fathers and explain how they give us so much insight into what the Christians of the first centuries believed and how they worshiped…..in 30 seconds. I could go on to explain how God led these men to hold Church Councils- not to invent truth but to preserve what was already believed…..in the next 30 seconds. I could continue to share that God gave us the Church before he gave us the Bible and that it’s thanks to the Church that we have the Bible as we know it…..in 30 seconds. And that would leave me with about 30 seconds to explain that I’ve come to understand that the Catholic Church is Scriptural and true. That it and it’s dogmas are not man made. That the Bible makes more sense to me now than it ever did before. That I believe God has given us the Church as a visible authority, guide, and preserver of the Sacraments.

Can you see why this just doesn’t work?! 🙂 There’s no 2 minute answer that feels complete and truthful yet doesn’t leave my inquirer wishing they hadn’t asked. I’m starting to think there was never meant to be a 2 minute answer. (OK, so I’m a little slow!) I shouldn’t be able to cover 2,500 years of church history and all the Lord has done in my own heart in the time it takes a person to swipe their Visa.

I need to start viewing these moments as the “beginning” rather than the “beginning, middle, and end”.

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