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I’m running a race on Saturday.  It’s really not that long – 8K – but the significance of it is HUGE for me.  It is the first race I’ve run in over 2 years.  My first race since my pregnancy,  bedrest and a c-section.  The fact that I’m even up for running it feels like a tremendous victory to me. For the past 8 weeks, I’ve been focused on preparing for the day – March 12th.   It has been on my calendar for months and all my training was with this race in mind.  The rigor of the training has been so satisfying.  The date on the calendar has been so helpful for my staying focused.  But, truth be told, I’m terribly afraid to face the day after the race.  Will I continue to willingly push myself so hard?  Is my own health and fitness enough of a goal?  If I’m completely honest, I have to admit, sometimes it just isn’t.

Until not too many years ago, I thought Lent was about giving up chocolate or sweets.  And maybe for some, it is.  But really, it has the potential to be so, so much more than that.  Lent is, for my heart, what the past 8 weeks have been for my body – a season of focused preparation with my eye on the goal.  This morning, I could almost hear a collective sigh of relief as we all arose to the beginning of this Holy season.   Finally, finally, this sacred season that begins so late this year is here.  This season that, through it’s discipline and structure, helps us see more clearly that which we truly long for.  This season that helps us scrape away all the unnecessaries and distractions……..those things that “aren’t helpful to us”, as Fr. Buda said in this morning’s Mass…..so that we can see that which we’re really made for.  Because, ultimately, heaven is our goal isn’t it?  Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter are all just markers along the path.  Sacred markers, but still not the true prize.  The weightiness of deprivation that Lent can bring serves not only to make the joy of the Resurrection all the sweeter but also to remind me to stay focused on the True Prize the rest of the year as well.

How grateful I am for the gentle cadence of the liturgical year to provide steady rhythm and focus for this wandering heart.  God knows I need it!

(This post was originally published elsewhere last week but I thought it would be a nice addition to this poor neglected blog as well.)


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