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Since my posting has been sparse of late, I wanted to let anyone who might be interested know of an interesting “conversation” going on in the comments box of this post.  If you have anything to add to the discussion feel free.

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A few weeks ago, both Catholic and Protestant blogs alike were all ‘abuzz about the announcement that Dr. Francis Beckwith, then president of the Evangelical Theological Society, would be returning to the Catholic Church. Now, Dr. Beckwith is talking about his decision here. What I appreciate about this interview is that Dr. Beckwith fairly acknowledges not only those things he gained and for which he’s grateful for from his years as a protestant evangelical but also some of the past failings of the Catholic Church toward its members.

In one of my favorite parts of this interview, Dr. Beckwith says this:

“I do not believe I ceased to be an evangelical when I returned to the Church. What I ceased to be was a Protestant. For I believe, as Pope Benedict has preached, that the Church itself needs to nurture within it an evangelical spirit. There are, as we know, too many Catholics whose faith needs to be renewed and emboldened.

There is much that I learned as a Protestant evangelical that has left an indelible mark on me and formed the person I am today. For that reason, it accompanies me back to the Church.”

If you read the whole interview, you will also find a section near the end entitled “What can Evangelical and Catholics learn from one another?” That’s one not to miss.

HT: Fr. Dwight Longenecker

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…is Thomas Howard. His books Evangelical Is Not Enough, On Being Catholic, and Lead, Kindly Light were all very instrumental in my becoming the Catholic Christian I am today. When I was first introduced to his writings nearly 14 years ago, I didn’t realize who he was. By that, I mean, I didn’t realize he was the brother of Elisabeth Elliot. Upon learning that piece of information, I appreciated his writing even more. It couldn’t have been an easy decision for a man from such a well-known protestant family to enter the Catholic Church. Recently, I found a new-to-me blog, Streams of Mercy where I was fascinated to read a little of Elisabeth Elliot’s take on her brother’s conversion to Catholicism. I have read before of times when she was questioned on this topic. She has never been anything but loving, gracious, and respectful. Can you just imagine the thought provoking discussions that must occur around this family’s Thanksgiving table? Oh, to be a fly on that wall! 🙂

HT: Kid Sister of Blessed Imelda

If you would like to hear more from Thomas Howard, audio links to interviews with him can be found on this page.

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Since I’m feeling like I have to schedule an appointment just to catch my breath these days, I’m going to point you to some interesting things being said by some other folks in various places.

Richard J. Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, shares some thoughts on praying to the saints here and has commented further on his blog entry Talking Past Each Other.

Chris at the Catholic Converts blog has a nice explanation of Apostolic Succession, a concept I had never even heard of (much less understood the importance of) until within the past 5 years.

And for my homeschooling friends, I’m linking Elizabeth Foss’s reflections on her Rule of Six. I found it very thought-provoking.

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It’s eerie to me how similar the emotional experiences are of folks who have journeyed the path to Catholicism. I, thankfully, did not experience the rejection of my friends and family. (Some of them may think I’m crazy but they’re still sticking around. 😉 ) However, the process was still painful because it required so much of a paradigm shift in my thinking. So much of what I had believed for so long was in question. The emotional struggle for me stemmed from the ongoing confusion and uncertainty that consumed me for many months.

In the midst of it all, I received an email from a friend inquiring about how I was doing. She had joined the Catholic Church a year prior, and therefore knew, without even asking, what I was probably experiencing. She asked me about the sleepless nights, the pit in my stomach that rarely went away, the wondering (mine, not hers) if I was crazy, the feelings of loneliness, the constant worry about what if I do and what if I don’t become Catholic. Her assessment of my state of being was right on the mark.

Amber, from This Catholic Journey, has written a beautiful description of her conversion experience here, at CatholicDaily.org.   So much of what she describes could be said about the past year of my life.

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Red Neck Woman has posted a wonderfully thoughtful explanation of the Rosary here.  Go take a look.  My favorite line…..”The Rosary is a prayerful conversation.”

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